Our "ASAP" Diagnosis

The ASAP Diagnosis: Our motto

No one likes to feel back-burnered, and especially not if it means you can't get back out on the open road or the lake until next season! That's why we promise to begin diagnosis on your vehicle ASAP. We strive to have your machine looked at in three days or less. We keep you updated throughout the process of your repairs, letting you know where we're at with it, and what to expect next. Most of our vehicles are diagnosed within three days time, but may require longer if additional repairs are necessary (eg., new battery) to bring it to a diagnosable state.

Knowledgeable, Thorough Diagnosis, Delivered on Time

We're here to help!

We will never replace anything on your powersport vehicle without your OK first! When you arrive at our shop with a mechanical issue that needs diagnosis, we charge a flat $100 for the diagnostics per vehicle. If you have multiple issues, we may need to charge two diagnoses depending on the situation, but most of the time, the flat $100 will cover it.

When we have a diagnosis, we'll give you a call or text and let you know an estimate on repairs. If you approve the repairs, the $100 diagnosis is waived. From there, we will let you know an ETA on repairs, and keep you updated as we work on your vehicle. You're in charge of your vehicle, and we believe in keeping you informed every step of the way!